Burness, a mission-driven communications firm committed to helping nonprofits, universities, foundations and international agencies advance social change worldwide, seeks a skilled senior writer. The ideal candidate will be a writer who is able to craft interesting and compelling written products geared for the media, consumers, advocates and policymakers on a host of issues, including COVID-19 and public health, early childhood, tobacco, nutrition, agricultural research and environmental issues.*

Basic requirements include the demonstrated ability to: 

  • Write clearly and concisely (op-eds, blogs, press releases, fact sheets, issue briefs, stories, talking points).
  • Write thoughtful opinion pieces that are of high enough quality for placement in national U.S. and prominent global media outlets.
  • Advise organizations on op-ed ideas and concepts based on the current news environment and on the findings of research papers.
  • Serve as advisor to high-level leaders and organizations seeking to influence important audiences through their writing.
  • Be able to quickly digest and then translate dense material into accurate yet interesting and powerful copy, often based on research papers or the outcomes of client projects.
  • Have a “nose for news” to help determine what is newsworthy in a report or client project and be able to translate those findings into news in a compelling press release.
  • Without much prior knowledge, efficiently carry out research to find accurate and interesting narratives and compelling ledes linked to issues or causes that our partners seek to elevate.
  • Be flexible and open to rewrites and extensive editing of products.
  • Work collaboratively with a team and our partners.
  • Meet deadlines.

Preference given to candidates who live in the DC-MD-VA metropolitan region.

Burness offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Send a resume and published stories, op-eds or links to other written products to jobs@burness.com.

*The full selection of topics for which we will need writers includes, but may not be limited to public health, including COVID-19, tuberculosis and malaria; the environment, including climate change, deforestation, oceans and biodiversity; development finance; children’s health, including nutrition, tobacco cessation and childcare; mental health; economic, social and racial injustice; agriculture; and the rights of Indigenous Peoples in tropical forest countries. We welcome a writer who is versed on many of these issues.