NEW STUDIES: The impact of drug trafficking on the forests and protected areas of Central America

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Climate action solutions: opportunities through rights-based forestry and territorial management

The impacts of cocaine trafficking on conservation governance in Central America

Impacts of Narco-Degradation on Protected Areas in Central America: A Critical Ecological Economics Approach

Background Information on Forests and Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples in the IPCC Report on Land and Climate

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities as mentioned in the IPCC Report on Land an Climate

Indigenous Peoples' Response to the IPCC Report on Land and Climate 
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Other Recent and Relevant Research

 The supply chain of violence, Nature Sustainability, August 2019

Global Witness Defenders Report: Enemies of the State?, July 2019

Statement: Five Reasons The Earth’s Climate Depends On Forests, October 2018

 Global Baseline of Carbon Storage in Collective Lands, September 2018