Katie is a native North Carolinian and perennial optimist who works at Burness to advance social change through communication.

Katie works with nonprofits across issue areas—from public health to climate change to education and more—to help them communicate their work in simple, compelling ways. She then crafts digital strategies to help amplify those messages, whether that’s through video, social media, partner engagement, email, websites or something else entirely.

Since graduating from Duke University with a degree in international studies and history, she has taught middle school Spanish in rural northeastern North Carolina, produced videos in all sorts of places—from Appalachia to the Bronx to Switzerland—and helped develop and implement international media campaigns to draw attention to environmental and human rights issues while on the global practice at Burness.

Katie has traveled the globe and has yet to find a place she loves more than the American South. She works from Durham, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband Nick, daughter Lila, son Hardin, and dog, Melvin.