When doing digital and creative work, it’s easy to focus on making things bright and shiny. But digital and creative work is more than making things that look good — it’s about making things that prioritize people’s needs.

So when we set out to redesign the Burness website, we asked ourselves: What will people need? What will they find most useful?

To start answering those questions, we coordinated across the company, hearing from our colleagues about what they found most useful on the website, roadblocks they’d run into, and any ideas they had for a better way to represent Burness online. We also put ourselves in the shoes of our audiences, thinking through how our current and future partners and team members would benefit from our website.

After months of planning, creating, and refining, here’s where we landed: a Burness website that tells our story and serves people better.

Here’s what we changed:

  • Reorganized the navigation so that people can more easily find what they need.

  • Refined our list of services to include the full spectrum of integrated communications work we do with our nonprofit partners.

  • Made it easier to contact us, a popular action audiences take on our site.

  • Designed better user experiences across the site by decluttering pages with unnecessary content, better organizing content across the site, and focusing on a typography system to help people navigate the site and content with ease. 

  • Prioritized people through a reimagined staff page, the addition of a company culture section on the homepage, and an emphasis on visuals that accompany our blogs, case studies and other content.

Redesigning our website was one of the most challenging communications projects we’ve faced. We put ourselves through the same process we ask of our partners, and have grown our understanding from their perspectives. Redesigning your website is an exercise in articulating who you are as an organization to any person who decides to land on your small piece of the web. And, like anything we do, it’s done best when done thoughtfully. 

We hope you enjoy the new site. Take a look around, learn more about us, and feel free to send us a note through the contact form. 

We’re glad you’re here!