The 2015 Aspen New Voices Fellows are off to a great start getting their voices out there! The development experts from across Africa and Asia bring fresh perspective to the global development dialogue. Here are just a few recent pieces written by the 2015 class we wanted to share:

·         In a powerful opinion piece in Reuters ‘Sustainability’ (UK), David Kuria, a Kenyan expert on water use and management, tells us the important role of the private sector in getting water to those who need it most.
·         ElsaMarie D’Silva, an advocate for safer public spaces in India who started the online platform SafeCity, wrote a piece for CNN about the role women play in speaking up and not accepting sexual harassment or assault. Her piece begins with a powerful personal story.
·         Published in Financial Times’ ‘This is Africa,’ Misan Rewane wrote an opinion piece about real value of university degrees in Nigeria. She sheds light on an innovative approach in hiring and training African youth to excel in today’s job market.

We are looking forward to hearing more from these and the rest of the Aspen New Voices fellows!