Alec Caso is a communications and research consultant based in the Washington, D.C. area who has a demonstrated passion for equitable development and advancing a sustainable future. He has over three years of experience working in the communications sector, helping to deliver creative communications solutions on national and international platforms. He began working with Burness in 2020 to support the team in delivering high-quality, researched-based messaging strategies for its clients. In this capacity, Alec provides background communications research and helps the Burness team with media strategy, monitoring, and pitching.

Before working with Burness, Alec developed his communications skills working with Growth Energy, a leading national trade association in the renewable energy sector, and with DCLRS, a lobbying firm focused on agricultural, energy, and immigration issues. He holds an MSc in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh, where he conducted research on delivering sustainable energy solutions for refugees living in conflict areas. He is a resident of the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, D.C. where he participates in community gardening.