Anna began working for Burness in 2017. In her role as an associate, she conducts background research, develops and manages the production of engaging social content, crafts targeted media lists and tracks media coverage. Anna has supported over 20 of Burness’ partners, including The MAYDAY Fund, Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, RWJF’s Culture of Health Prize and the Gene Editing Institute. 

Anna’s background in the science and research behind health, psychology, and human development lends itself well to her role at Burness. Prior to working at Burness, she served as an environmental health assessment associate at the Environmental Protection Agency. The research assistance she provided helped various EPA scientists understand the effect toxic chemicals have on humans.

Outside of work, Anna loves attending concerts and singing along, eating her way through D.C. restaurants, playing fetch with her dog, and learning how to make pottery. Most recently, Anna is working to attain her doula certification to better support her friends and family through their reproductive health choices.