Anna has worked at Burness since 2017. During her time, she has supported a wide range of topics and Burness partners, including The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Gene Editing Institute, The Mayday Fund and Kavli Foundation. Some of her most gratifying work has been helping scientists, researchers and advocates tell their stories to create change and providing fun, educational communications training workshops.

Her first job at the Environmental Protection Agency grew her passion for understanding the health impacts of climate change and the environments we live in. As that passion has evolved, she is set on ensuring that strategic climate change communications help us build a healthier, more equitable world.

Anna believes all people are creatives. Tuesday nights, you can find her making perfectly imperfect dishes, mugs and vases at Hinckley Pottery. On the weekends, she enjoys walking with her husband and dog along the National Mall, catching a concert in D.C., and spending time with her nieces and nephews.