Anne-Marie Schryer-Roy is an experienced communication strategist and manager with over 15 years of experience in global health, international development and humanitarian aid. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Anne-Marie has traveled and worked extensively across sub-Saharan Africa where she has developed and implemented communication and media strategies for nonprofit organizations and UN agencies. Her work has ranged from introducing new health products—such as vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases—in sub-Saharan Africa, developing education materials for cancer patients in Kenya, documenting environmental change and illegal fishing in Somalia through to developing campaigns to promote disarmament of former soldiers in Sudan. 

At Burness, Anne-Marie works with organizations in the field of global health and development to help them develop comprehensive communication strategies and promote their issues to relevant audiences. Anne-Marie holds a Master of Science in public health and a Master of Arts in international affairs, and lives in Nairobi with her husband and two daughters.