As a vice president at Burness, Bridget DeSimone brings her expertise as a broadcast journalist in the domestic practice where she consults nonprofits and foundations on communications strategy and media relations on a variety of projects including women in the military, education, workforce development, health policy and global health. She works with and advises the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH), the Aspen College Excellence Program, and the Women In Military Service For America Memorial. She also works on Burness’ training programs, teaching education, health and science experts to deliver clear, effective messages to the media, policymakers and funders.

Bridget DeSimone joined Burness in November 2010, after nearly 14 years as a producer for the PBS NewsHour. As the program’s health producer, she coordinated coverage of the nation’s health care overhaul, covered a myriad of health topics including HIV/AIDS, cancer, obesity, and the H1N1 outbreak. Prior to serving as health producer, Bridget covered a broad variety of major news stories, from presidential elections to the September 11 attacks and the war in Iraq.

Bridget is a graduate of Boston College with a Bachelor in Arts in English and French. She lives in Washington, D.C. and is always looking for ways to get out on the water or find her next adventure with her husband and two sons.