Daniela joined Burness in September 2023 as a senior coordinator. Daniela works on various projects with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on issues related to supporting healthy children, families, and communities, and accelerating cutting-edge ideas to advance health equity. Daniela also provides communications support for the Commonwealth Fund, the de Beaumont Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. 

Daniela graduated from American University with a Master of Arts in political communications and holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, where she was vice president of the student government association for two years.

Prior to joining Burness, Daniela served as a program coordinator at Identity, Inc., where she worked closely with the University of Maryland Public School of Health on crucial research focused on the transformative effects of Encuentros  —  a non-clinical mental health program tailored for undocumented youth and families. Daniela played a pivotal role in gathering impactful stories from these communities, resulting in the development of accessible mental health resources. These resources have played a significant role in reducing COVID-19-related health disparities among underserved undocumented communities.

Outside of work, Daniela is an avid reader and thrives on experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, showcasing her culinary creativity. Her adventurous spirit extends to travel, where she seeks new experiences and perspectives. At home, Daniela is a loving caretaker of her cat, Chloe.