Jaclyn is a perennial learner with a desire to create and drive social change through communications. 

After joining Burness in April 2016, Jaclyn provided a range of digital and strategic communications support for a variety of clients and projects including the New Jersey, Pioneer, Global and Healthy Children and Families work for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and its grantees, as well as the Afterschool Alliance, the Harvard School of Public Health and Voices for Healthy Kids. 

Her work now primarily focuses on children and youth’s overall wellness and education opportunities with Afterschool Alliance and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, but she often works across a range of issues on various other projects. Jaclyn also works with many nonprofits to develop and edit videos across issue areas—from education to health and more. She also crafts and implements digital strategies through video, social media, partner engagement, email, advertising, websites and more. She also works part-time with the design team on many kinds of print and digital projects. 

Jaclyn graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. 

In her spare time, Jaclyn loves learning new things, making videos, exploring D.C., trying new foods, traveling and going to concerts.