Maria joined Burness as a junior graphic designer in March 2023. She works with various clients and helps support the rest of the creative team. While she values the opportunity to design for any of Burness’ clients, Maria is most passionate about issues surrounding queer rights, women’s rights and environmentalism.

In 2022, Maria completed her BFA in graphic design at George Mason University while working as a graphic designer for the school’s university life department. Prior to that, she helped provide pro-bono design work for various nonprofits and small businesses as an intern for NOVA Studio. Her work has provided her with experience in both print and digital design, including web design, branding, signage, publication design and more.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys playing video games, trying out new recipes and consuming art in all its forms. She loves nature and can often be found exploring the outdoors in and around her native state of Virginia.