Matthias is a digital strategist passionate about utilizing the web as a force for social change to promote vital causes toward a more just, equitable world. He brings a mastery of content and digital marketing with extensive creative and technical expertise to create memorable campaigns across a wide range of causes. 

Before joining Burness, he led marketing efforts for Concern Worldwide, a global humanitarian organization working with 35 million people each year while consulting on a variety of social justice, small business, and performing arts projects promoting intersecting causes ranging from disability awareness and LGBTQIA2+ rights to the climate crisis and racial justice. 

As a former professional musician and educator in New York City, he grew marketing and communications efforts at Carnegie Hall and 21C Media Group, as well as The Dream Unfinished, a nonprofit he co-founded to combat racial injustices. 

In his free time, Matthias is a dedicated writer, filmmaker, and nature enthusiast. He is a graduate of New York University and currently lives in Maryland.