Misia is a digital content coordinator at Burness. Sitting between the design and the digital team, she is responsible for visual content creation and creative storytelling across Burness’ various platforms. 

Born in California to a Polish family, she grew up in France and has lived in Chile. In the context of these experiences, Misia speaks English, French, Polish, Spanish and Italian. Her passion for diversity and culture translates into a love of multicultural storytelling and art. 

With a bachelor’s degree in cinema and media studies and peace and justice studies from Wellesley College, Misia’s skills span across film, design and marketing. Before joining Burness, Misia was a Google News Initiative fellow working for Guiti News, an independent news organization in Paris, France. She has also worked as a visual storyteller and marketing coordinator for the Polish Jazz Network, the Canadian Healthcare Organization, and Killer Films. 

As a first-generation American, Misia cares about making her work accessible. A question that drives her work is “how can visual solutions impact social change?” As the world becomes increasingly digital, she cares about creating platforms that allow for social growth for everyone. 

Misia is currently living in Chicago in an apartment overlooking Lake Michigan. In her spare time, you can find her playing guitar, making art, taking walks on the beach, creating cyanotype photography or traveling the world!