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Communications Strategy

We help define where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

Discovery and Landscape Assessments

To make change, you have to know the environment in which you’re operating. We dig in to understand your thinking—the messages, frames and key players surrounding your issue. Then, we assess existing materials to identify where there are strengths, gaps and opportunities for adjustments that can lead to increased impact.

Audience Research

The best communication programs are grounded in research with your target audiences — the people you ultimately want to reach. Through surveys, interviews, focus groups and more, we uncover your audience’s motivations and values so we can craft communication strategies that will move them to act differently.

Communication Plans

Your communication plan serves as a roadmap for your work. We create plans that define your goals, prioritize your audiences and lay out strategies designed to help you reach those audiences and goals. These strategies are focused on results and driven by evidence-based tactics, from translating technical information into compelling products to telling stories to humanize your issue to running events, media placement efforts and digital campaigns.

Brand Strategy

A good brand strategy can align your leadership, inspire your staff and engage your target audiences in your work. To help define this, we start by listening. Then we craft a strategy that outlines who you are as an organization, why you exist, what stories you tell and the feeling you hope to evoke in the people you serve. When that is done, we design the logo and create names and taglines that bring the strategy to life.

Supporting Movements

We know that coalitions of people working together can build more power, make more progress and take your issue further than you can alone. We identify potential partners and help build relationships that will move both your organization and your issue or field forward.