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Policy Communications

Getting your information and ideas to policymakers is critical.

Strategic Counsel

Public policy isn’t enacted in a vacuum. Our policy strategists have a collective six decades worth of experience working for Democratic and Republican members of the House and Senate, state health departments and national nonprofit advocacy organizations. We can work with you to devise and implement a comprehensive strategy that advances your policy agenda and positions you as a go-to resource for policymakers and influencers.

Policy Research, Analysis and Translation

Tracking legislation and analyzing policy research can be complex and challenging. We can work with you to follow and track legislation at all levels of government, provide advice on implications of proposed bills or rules, and translate policy-relevant research into digestible issue briefs and fact sheets. We draft testimony, respond to requests for technical assistance and help with comments for regulatory agencies. All of this will help increase your credibility and knowledge when communicating with policymakers and other decisionmakers.

Advocacy Campaigns

We believe storytelling is critical to successful advocacy campaigns. You need to show policymakers how their decisions impact people living in their state or district—along with critical data points to support your case. We use every tool available to us: media stories, op-eds, in-person meetings, constituent activation, digital engagement and advertising, coalition building and strong partner engagement. We have a deep understanding of the lobbying lines and help our nonprofit partners educate policy makers about progressive social policies and the critical importance of scientific research.

In-Person Engagement

In-person engagement matters. We can help you get your message across through briefings, one-on-one meetings with elected officials and federal agency staff, roundtables with key committee or personal staff and issue forums with “thought leaders.” We can work with you to organize a successful day at the Capitol—in Washington, D.C. or at the state capitol—to ensure their stories are shared. And if you are focused on strengthening relationships with key policymaker associations representing health departments, local officials or governors, we can build those connections.

In-Person and Virtual Trainings

We have trained thousands of people across the country to forge successful relationships with officials at all levels of government. We do this via in-person or online workshops focused on leaving a memorable impression, telling your story, making your ask and following up. We provide tip sheets and one-on-one coaching to ensure your initial meetings lay the groundwork for longer-term relationships with policymakers.