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Media Relations

Media coverage elevates your issue and gives you credibility.

Media Campaigns

Multifaceted media campaigns can be one of the surest ways to get widespread media coverage for your organization; for the issue or change about which you are advocating; news announcement; or latest research or report. We offer exceptional skills in assessing news value, framing content for journalists and executing press outreach. We consistently deliver media coverage because we know what makes a good news story, and we have earned trusting relationships with reporters and producers over the years. We have successes weekly, in the United States and across the globe. Our experts communicate in five languages across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Rapid Response Media Relations

By consistently monitoring developments in your issue areas and mobilizing our fast-response media operation, we position you to respond to breaking news with a timely statement, letter to the editor, op-ed or interview availability. Our goal is to insert your voice in the news and to generate coverage that reflects your messages in the media that matter most to you and your audiences.

Journalist Relationship-Building/Field Trips

The best way to build relationships with reporters is to meet with them in person. We arrange meetings that help establish a rapport with important journalists and establish you as an important source on your issue. We also take journalists on the road. Seeing projects in action on the ground is a powerful way to bring innovations to life. For these on-the-ground meetings, our goal is feature stories that include your point of view.

Media Events

We are experts at managing press operations at US and international conferences, including reviewing scientific abstracts to uncover news at the meeting; writing media advisories, press releases and blogs; and staffing press rooms and press conferences on site. Our media events work leads to strong coverage and strong journalist relationships.

Media Tracking and Analysis

Our knowledge of reporters covering your space is the basis of our media list development. We provide same or next-day media monitoring and can tell you hours after a release where stories ran (and where they didn’t so we can create a follow-up strategy). We then gather those stories for a comprehensive report on coverage. We also can monitor news coverage on specific topics, with detailed and thoughtful analysis to ensure that you understand who is reporting on your key issues, and how these issues are being framed in the media.