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Digital Strategy and Engagement

Your online presence matters.

Digital Strategic Planning

Instead of joining every digital platform, churning out content and focusing on total number of followers, we help our partners define the purpose of their digital work. We explain how digital efforts can be effective for your organization, and support overall communication goals and identify specific digital work that is most aligned with the impact you seek.

Digital Content Strategy and Production

The quality of the content that you publish on any digital platform—like social media, email and your website—matters. We start by defining a digital content strategy that explains how the content reinforces overall communication goals. We then create emails that engage supporters, social posts that grab attention and blogs that hook readers.

Social Media Listening and Research

Social media listening and research provides context and data that makes any digital program stronger and more effective. We use social media publishing, reporting, listening and analytics tools to learn what audiences are saying online and how those people are engaging with specific content. We create comprehensive digital landscape and competitor analyses, audits of social media programs and ongoing monitoring of social media conversations.

Digital Advertising

In a crowded online world, digital advertising can lift the reach and exposure of nonprofits’ campaigns. We create digital media plans that include goals, audience targeting, channels, timeline, budget, creative (visuals and copy) and metrics. Our team then executes those plans, setting up and testing ads, monitoring performance in real time and tweaking the campaign to improve results. We provide in-depth reporting that highlights key metrics, top-performing creative and recommendations for future campaigns based on results.

Digital Training

We translate what our experts know about best practices for digital communication and trends into custom trainings for our partners. We run hands-on trainings on email marketing, social media content creation and publishing, online community management, writing for the web, visual communication and more.